NJ-03: Navy SEAL upbraids Democrat Kim for embellishing his national security resume

NJ-03: Navy SEAL upbraids Democrat Kim for embellishing his national security resume

TOMS RIVER, N.J. — When is inflating one’s credentials more than mere puffing, Save Jerseyans? And something significantly more serious?

Andy Kim, the Democrat who’s running against Tom MacArthur this cycle in New Jersey’s 3rd Congressional District, has finally crossed that line according to one Navy SEAL veteran.

Regular readers and devoted N.J. political watchers may recall how the Kim campaign launched a television ad in which he claims to have been a “national security officer” for President George W. Bush when, in reality, he was really a 22-year-old intern at that time for The United States Agency for International Development. A stretch? You bet.

It wasn’t an isolated incident. Save Jersey reported on other instances of creative resume revisions back in May of this year; for example, Kim said he was a “strategic advisor” to General David Petraeus and General John Allen in Afghanistan in early 2011 but shortly thereafter identified himself as a mere “Notetaker.” 

The lies may be getting bigger.

Ryan Peters

Recently, Kim was recorded at a recent event with the Mayor of Hoboken in which the mayor, a Democrat, recalled how Kim “has gone overseas to literally fight and sacrifice his life.” Click here for the video.

The only problem: Kim was never in the military.

Assemblyman Ryan Peters (R-8), whose own legislative district includes veterans and employees of the nearby joint base, says it’s time for Kim to apologize for his insulting exaggeration .

Andy Kim stood by while the Mayor of Hoboken made him out to be a war hero by falsely claiming he traveled overseas to ‘literally fight and sacrifice his life.’ I know real heroes who sacrificed their lives. We fought together, tirelessly, for a country we love and are proud to defend,” said Peters, a United States Navy SEAL who served four tours of duty in Iraq, Afghanistan and Central America. “Andy Kim did not fight, nor did he sacrifice his life. I give civil service professionals their due, but the ones I know would never describe their job – or let others describe their job – with the kind of rhetoric Andy Kim has. Putting Mr. Kim in the same category as true military heroes is disingenuous at its best and intentional fabrication at its worst. Most importantly, it is disrespectful to those that have served, do serve, or lost their lives serving the country they love honorably. Mr. Kim should correct the record, not only to portray himself honestly to the public, but also out of respect for the military men and women fighting for our country daily.”