Month: October 2018

#NJSEN: Hugin voices opposition to a Trump birthright citizenship executive order

By The Staff _ Will Donald Trump sign an executive order ending birthright citizenship? Would such an order even be constitutional? U.S. Senate candidate Bob Hugin (R-N.J.) weighed in on the topic this Tuesday afternoon, unequivocally parting with the president: Read More

NJ-11: Webber touts tax cuts, argues “there’s too much focus on the SALT”

MORRIS PLAINS, N.J. — Despite a constant drum beat from Democrats and the establishment media arguing that GOP tax cuts somehow hurt New Jersey, Jay Webber is sticking by them. In fact, during a Monday visit to Fox Business, the Read More

POLITICO: How a former top Christie aide orchestrated Trump’s midterm strategy

By The Staff _ It’s been a roller coaster career for New Jersey native Bill Stepien, the 40-year old White House Political Director for the Trump Administration. The talented young political operative out-worked his peers to reach the highest levels Read More

THE LIST: Bob Menendez’s 500+ career votes for higher taxes, fees

By The Staff _ Corruption, drug prices, and Donald Trump are dominating the conversation in New Jersey’s U.S. Senate race down the homestretch. Another issue which isn’t getting as much attention: taxes. Incumbent Democrat Bob Menendez didn’t just vote against Read More

Regardless of what happens next Tuesday? “History” is unlikely. | Rooney

By Matt Rooney _ The “one week out” mark is a good time for a deep breath and some much needed perspective, Save Jerseyans. Let’s review: Democrats gained 26 U.S. House seats in 1982, Ronald Reagan’s first midterm; the economy Read More

N.J. Hispanic pastors endorse Hugin’s bid to unseat Menendez

PASSAIC, N.J. ─ Republican U.S. Senate candidate Bob Hugin continued to pick up steam with his Hispanic outreach efforts on Monday, accepting the endorsement of La Alianza Civica Ministerial, a Passaic County Ministers’ Alliance. “I’m honored to receive the endorsement from Read More

Is there a link between pot use and psychosis after all?

TRENTON, N.J. — The classic, overly-dramatic propaganda film “Reefer Madness” is a subject of satire and ridicule among modern Americans, particularly those who support the nationwide marijuana legalization trend which is set to overtake New Jersey, possibly even before the Read More