3rd Circuit preserves New Jersey’s magazine ban

PHILADELPHIA, P.A. — The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit dealt another blow this week to those citizens battling New Jersey’s arbitrary ban on all firearm magazines containing more than 10 rounds, asserting on Wednesday that the law did not violate provisions of either the Second, Fifth , or Fourteenth Amendments.

The court sitting in Philadelphia had heard oral argument back before Thanksgiving.

Back in October, a U.S. District Court decided that the controversial law does not “prevent ownership of any type of gun and does not restrict the quantity of ammunition a gun owner may possess” but only “restricts the quantity of bullets a magazine may hold.”

Some hope for 2A advocates: the decision was not unanimous, and this week’s appellate ruling was on a preliminary injunction only.

Click here for the full story from The New Jersey Law Journal.


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