Next up: Murphy invents statewide snow storm which isn’t in the forecast

By Matt Rooney

The post-#snowmess over-brining of New Jersey roads is wasting valuable NJDOT resources (paid for by you, the taxpayers) AND driving New Jersey motorists’ car washing bills through the roof. It’s political theater, and it’s a damn disgrace begging for formal hearings.

Governor Phil Murphy is undeterred. He figures it’s easier to INVENT snow than continue pretending there’s a rationale for treating roads in 40-degree full sunlight.

Check out what he said today:

“WTF… According to @GovMurphy, “1-3 inches of snow is expected for much of the state” News to me!” opined Dan Zarrow, NJ 101.5’s chief meteorologist who along with other weather experts correctly predicted the November storm which Phil Murphy claimed no one had called. “Yes, snow is accumulating north of I-78, as expected. Maybe even plowable snow (2″+) in spots. But MOST of New Jersey will have NOTHING on the ground by the end of the day.”

It’s sunny and above-freezing in South Jersey where I’m writing this, folks. 

All of this nonsense costs money. Real money. In 2017, AAA reported that Americans spent around $15 billion over five years for car damage related to pre-treatments.

The state spent $128.2 million for road treatments and plowing for the 2013-14 winter season.

That compares to $62.5 million for all of 2017.

This year is looking more like the busy winter of 2013-2014: as of April 1st, long before the #snowmess over-brining issue arose, New Jersey had already spent $92.5 million

New Jerseyans are going to need to buy a LOT of recreational, legalized pot to pay for Murphy’s brining!