No one on Team Murphy knows (or will admit) who hired Katie Brennan’s alleged rapist

Alvarez (left) and Brennan (right)
By Matt Rooney

Where is the pussy hate brigade?

With shutdown news and major indictments keeping everyone distracted, Save Jerseyans, the hearings into the alleged sexual assault of former Murphy campaign volunteer and state Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency chief of staff Katie Brennan are still happening in Trenton. On Thursday, Governor Phil Murphy’s chief of staff — Peter Cammarano — testified before the Special Committee on Oversight and declared that HE didn’t hire Al Alvarez (Brennan’s accused assailant) to work in his former post as chief of staff for the Schools Development Authority.


Cammarano also doesn’t know WHO did hire Alvarez. 

Earlier in the week, the man who headed up Murphy’s transition (Jose Lozano) offered a verbal shrug when asked who decided to hire Alvarez for the SDA position. Former Schools Development Authority chief Charles McKenna (who also served in the Christie Administration) added this to the mix on Tuesday: McKenna was allegedly asked to sit down with Alvarez by Lozano

So no one knows who actually hired this guy! Or will admit who hired him.

Cover up? Ass covering? Eyes covered, too? A little bit of all three?

And it gets worse still. Coupled with the other end of the stick — how EVERYONE on Team Murphy claims believing he needed to go but no one did anything about it — as well as compelling evidence that Phil Murphy KNEW or should have known something very serious was going on, but nevertheless expressed little-to-no interest in digging deeper…

…yeah, you could say Brennan’s anticipated lawsuit is going to be interesting. Very interesting.

What’s equally interesting: where are the national #MeToo activists from Hollywood and Leftist circles who we known, if Murphy was a Republican, would be camped out outside the Trenton State House demanding justice?


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