New Jersey: Where living is expensive but life is cheap

By Matt Rooney

We’re in the middle of a revealing 24 hour period.

On Monday, the New Jersey legislature passed legislation to let residents with terminal illnesses to obtain an ‘assisted’ suicide. Today? They’ll begin a three month budget negotiation process which will undoubtedly result in more spending and higher taxes than the year before; there will be a “debate” of sorts but the only real question, of course, is how much more and higher.


Got that?

Here are your “rights” as a New Jerseyan (updated effective 3/25/19):

(1) Pay taxes. Lots of them. On everything. Income, purchases, property, gasoline, rain, etc.

(2) Stay woke. Who gets to pee in which bathroom (with which anatomical gear) is of the paramount importance to your elected leaders!

(3) Move far away (or consider assisted suicide?) if you’re tired of #1 & #2. But don’t forget about the “exit tax,” and no that’s not a joke. It’s real.

What kind of existence IS this?

Did the founding generation really fight a revolution so that our choices in life would boil down to death by taxation or death by… well, death?

Assemblyman John Burzichelli (D-Gloucester) – the sponsor and champion of the ‘right to die’ bill – cited the sacred right of ‘self-determination’ as the best reason to support assisted suicide. That’s rich.

Non-citizens have rights here. They’ve got a ‘sanctuary’ state.

Drug dealers (will soon) have rights. The pot legalization package didn’t pass yesterday, but when it does, those caught in possession of pounds (not ounces or grams) of weed will be eligible for expungement.

The unborn? Nope. And those suffering from mental illness? The elderly? Nope. Not after Monday.

The everyday people who pay for all of this social justice warriorism? Worker bees. We live to serve the state for as long as we can tolerate living here. Our value is the sum of the tax burden we can carry OR the votes we can supply.

Where’s MY right of self-determination, Assemblyman? To live, spend, and prosper as I wish? In MY home state?

Yes, living is more expensive than ever before in this state, Save Jerseyans, but life is getting cheaper by the moment. If the grim circumstances in which we find ourselves reflects YOUR values and priorities? By all means, keep voting for the current crop in Trenton. But if they don’t? Time to get off of your ass and fight for your lives. They quite literally do.