Rooney: ‘King Cuomo’ is putting NY Democrats in a precarious position

TRENTON, NJ – Even as Phil Murphy’s prospects for reelection in 2021 appear increasingly in doubt, New York Democrat Andrew Cuomo, son of late former Governor Mario Cuomo, confidently announced this week that he’ll seek a fourth term as his state’s governor in 2022. Unlike New Jersey, this is no bar in New York on governors running for more than two consecutive terms in office. 

On Wednesday, Save Jersey Founder and Editor-in-Chief Matt Rooney told Chasing News Host Bill Spadea that Cuomo is likely to win (because Democrat), but that’s not necessarily good news for the New York Democrat Party in the long run.

“Long term there’s no succession plan. Clearly Cuomo thinks he’s going to be king forever, he thinks it’s his birthright, so he’s not thinking about what’s coming next, he’s not sure that day’s ever going to come,” said Rooney who is a regular panelist on the Chasing News program. “If I was a Democrat down-ballot in New York, I would be nervous; not about today, but 5 and 10 years from now.”


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