NEW POLL: Booker is bombing badly, registers only 1% support nationwide

WEST LONG BRANCH, NJ – Cory Booker is in trouble.

The New Jersey Senator and presidential hopeful is now at just 1% support nationwide in the latest Monmouth University 2020 Democrat Primary poll.

Booker’s allies have blamed a lack of media attention for their candidate’s woes.

Those wondering why Booker just proposed creating an ‘Office of Reproductive Freedom’ need only turn to the Monmouth Poll for their answer.

“Women are commanding a larger slice of Democratic support than they were a few weeks ago and we are seeing bumps in their individual voter ratings. We can’t parse out the exact reasons from this one poll, but recent efforts by certain states to restrict access to abortion services may be playing a role in the closer look these candidates are getting right now,” said Murray.

Click here to view the full polling report.


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