VIDEO: Rooney criticizes Hillsborough’s teacher layoffs

HILLSBOROUGH, NJ – Hillsborough (Somerset County) voters killed a massive $8 million all-day kindergarten program ballot question back in March, 4432 “no” votes to 3003 “yes” votes.

This week, the superintendent retaliated by laying off 37 teachers

Save Jersey founder and Blogger-in-Chief Matt Rooney was back on Chasing News with Bill Spadea this Wednesday to explain the larger issue at play in this tug-of-war between Hillsborough taxpayers and the local school administration.

“It is a mirror of the problem with government up and down the ballot, whether we’re talking about the governor or a local school board issue,” Rooney told Spadea. “They’re constantly telling us it’s a zero sum game, that we either have to fork over the money, no questions, without transparency, or we’re not going to get the services we and our children deserve when we know the answer is more complicated. Why aren’t we looking at the school funding formula? Why aren’t we looking to see if there’s any waste or redundancies? I saw in one of article this morning that I read that they didn’t even explore privatizing some of the janitorial services, something most companies have.”

Watch below: