ROONEY: “I don’t know why” Toms River cares about residents renting out their pools

TOMS RIVER, N.J. – Toms River homeowners are using the new Swimply app – an Airbnb-like technology – to rent their home pools to neighbors who need a cool break from the summer heat. But some locals and officials in the sprawling Ocean County community are opposing the trend

Much ado about nothing? Save Jersey Blogger-in-Chief Matt Rooney joined the Chasing News A+ Panel on Wednesday and offered his two cents. 

“I mean from the town’s point of view I frankly don’t know why they care. I doubt that traffic is being snarled or there’s a great public safety risk to neighbors allowing their neighbors to use pools when they’re in the middle of a heat wave,” said Rooney. “I think the bigger risk is the homeowners themselves who are doing the renting because I almost guarantee to you that, if you’re renting out your pool, and someone goes and slips at your pool, that your homeowner’s insurance isn’t going to want and cover that because that becomes a commercial enterprise. But I don’t know why the town cares.”

Watch below: