Murphy promises N.J. illegal aliens he’ll have their backs ahead of anticipated ICE raids

TRENTON, N.J. – ICE is planning to conduct raids around the country this weekend, and it’s possibly that some of the estimated 475,000 illegal immigrants living in New Jersey could be targeted for detention and deportation.

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy has been nothing but consistent on the issue, both before and subsequent to his election.

“Let’s be clear: The Trump Administration’s fear-mongering is un-American and dangerous,” Murphy’s declared in a Thursday statement. “These raids do not make us safer; they will only make the work of local law enforcement more challenging and increase fears in our hardworking immigrant communities.”

“Any family who needs legal representation should know there are many pro bono legal services available to them,” Murphy added. “We will be doing everything we can to highlight these resources and to make sure our immigrant communities know their rights and feel at home.”

New Jersey became a ‘Sanctuary State’ under Phil Murphy – who has also dedicated millions of taxpayer dollars to provide illegal aliens with legal assistancebut a few Republican counties (including Sussex, Monmouth, Ocean and Cape May) are pushing back in various ways against Murphy’s extra-constitutional activism.

Meanwhile, the state’s top Republican pledged to help local elected officials who opposed Sanctuary Statehood push back against the Murphy Administration.

“The NJGOP will not sit on its hands as Governor Murphy scoffs at federal immigration laws for the sake of his personal political agenda. We encourage every municipality and county to pass a resolution declaring that they will never be a sanctuary state,” said NJGOP Chairman Doug Steinhardt. “The NJGOP will provide local elected officials whatever tools we have to assert their right to govern locally.”

ICE has worked around Murphy and his administration to some degree, launching major raids throughout the state to round-up illegals in New Jersey who have been convicted of, or wanted for, serious crimes.