LD1: Testa demands Democrat opponent emerge from hiding, take impeachment stand

VINELAND, N.J. – The D.C. Democrats are moving ahead with their risky bid to impeach President Donald Trump. A healthy-sized minority of Democrats nevertheless remained non-committal on Tuesday evening including the most vulnerable Democrat incumbent in New Jersey’s 2019 legislative cycle. 

State Senator Bob Andrzejczak has carefully avoided unscripted public scrutiny and one-on-one debate opportunities with LD1 GOP nominee Mike Testa, Jr. so far this season. The Republican candidate is now demanding that the incumbent end his silence and take a position on impeachment as most of his party has done.

“The socialists in Congress have been looking for an excuse to impeach President Trump since he was sworn-in to office, and today they settled for secondhand gossip as reason to plunge our country into a constitutional crisis,” said Testa. “Undoubtedly, Governor Murphy and the radical liberals running Trenton will jump on board and prove once and for all that the New Jersey Democratic Party has gone off the deep end. I am curious as to whether my opponent, Senator Bob Andrzejczak, will join with them – like he does 95% of the time in Trenton – or will he oppose this impeachment inquiry and condemn his party as the far-left radicals they’ve become?”

LD1 voted for Donald Trump in 2016 but is currently represented by three Democrats in the legislature. Republicans see this year’s election – and a likely failed Democrat bid to remove Trump from office – as an opportunity to rally the base in the deep South Jersey district.

Two House Democrats from New Jersey – Andy Kim and Mikie Sherrill – joined the pro-impeachment inquiry bandwagon on Tuesday. NJ-02 Congressman Jeff Van Drew – LD1’s former state senator and Andrzejczak’s political patron whose district encompasses LD1 – is holding out and keeping out of the debate as of this writing.

The district is considered a toss-up. Given the closeness and the stakes, it’s predictably been a bare-knuckle brawl with Democrats fighting among themselves over a racist Democrat Super PAC mailer attacking Testa’s Assembly running mate.

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