Murphy condemns his own party’s senators after EDA hearing fracas

TRENTON, N.J. – There was no chance that George Norcross’s Monday testimony wouldn’t stir passions. The EDA/tax break issue is at the heart of the South Jersey Machine vs. Phil Murphy & Friends Democrat civil war, and the state’s most powerful unelected Democrat is a political lightning rod even when he isn’t out in front of the cameras. 

But shit really hit the fan earlier Monday when Susan Altman – a far-left Camden County activist who is frequently at odds with the Machine – was forcibly removed from the hearing by State Police

Don’t forget, Save Jerseyans: there isn’t really a “good side” in the EDA fight. It’s an internal Democrat power struggle over who gets to steal your money, how they’re allowed to steal it, and how said stolen monies are allowed to be used. Click here for a little more background if you’re new to the story.

Still, it’s politically significant (and okay yeah, a little amusing) to watch Democrats at war with their own base and then a sitting Democrat Governor take to Twitter and condemn his OWN party’s senators (they run the chamber AND the committee). Not stuff you see every day: