NJ-07: Republican Becchi focuses on forgotten issue of the national debt

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Our country’s $23 trillion national debt is the most significant issue in modern America which gets practically no attention from either party’s presidential candidates. 

Rosemary Becchi, a GOP primary candidate in the 7th Congressional District, was tweeting about it on Wednesday. She says impeachment is only making matters worse.

“Deficit reduction receives little attention from either party these days. Federal Reserve Chairman Powell is warning Congress today that as debt piles up, it ‘could restrain fiscal policymakers’ willingness or ability to support economic activity during a downturn,” said Becchi, a tax lawyer and former Senate Republican attorney. “While DC is fixated on a clown court impeachment proceeding, a very real problem of mounting debt continues to go unchecked. We need leaders to put New Jersey First.”

Becchi is facing off with NJ-07 frontrunner Tom Kean Jr. for the 2020 nomination.

Republican Leonard Lance lost the seat to Democrat Tom Malinowski in 2018.