Neibart jumps in, makes four-way race to succeed Bucco in the Assembly

MENDHAM, N.J. – Sarah Neibart is running for the General Assembly in LD25, seeking the seat of former Assemblyman and current state Senator Anthony Bucco; the candidate confirmed her intentions to Save Jersey on Wednesday evening.

She’ll compete for the remainder of Bucco’s term with ex-Frelinghuysen staffer Aura Dunn, Assistant Morris County Counsel John Barbarula, and Morristown Councilwoman Alison Deeb. The field could grow, too.

Neibart is the 27-year-old deputy mayor the Morris County’s Mendham Township. She worked on numerous NJGOP campaigns (most recently Hugin for Senate) before founding the Fair Property Taxes for All New Jersey” non-profit in 2018; the organization is dedicated to educating state residents on how property taxes are assessed and why they’re so high.

The seat opened up after Bucco was selected to replace his late father in the State Senate; Bucco than ran for (and won) his old Assembly seat last week despite having no intention of actually filling it.

A special convention of LD25 committee members is scheduled for November 21st.