N.J. Democrats want to put Uber/Lyft drivers (and their own committee members) through more hurdles than illegals

N.J. Democrats want to put Uber/Lyft drivers (and their own committee members) through more hurdles than illegals

By Matt Rooney

New Jersey will soon begin issuing driver’s licenses to illegal aliens without the same level of scrutiny legal residents will need to obtain a “REAL ID” license (the kind needed to travel by air starting later this year). The “basic license” is also cheaper. It’s an affront to even the most flexible notion of justice, Save Jerseyans.

To compound the obnoxiousness of this latest development? Trenton is moving to make rideshare drivers (Uber and Lyft) jump throw MORE hoops than New Jersey’s illegal motorists. 

Assemblyman Dan Benson (D-14) – the chamber’s deputy speaker – is sponsoring new legislation which will require rideshare driver applicants to disclose any past sexual assault investigations. Not just convictions or even charges… internal company investigations. Allegations. This new bill comes a year after Trenton adopted regulations requiring rideshare drivers to carry bar-coded ID cards.

You may or may not believe these regulations make sense, Save Jerseyans. The evidence that rideshare drivers are more dangerous than cab drivers is nonexistent. But can anyone with any integrity argue that it’s just to subject legal U.S. rideshare drivers to MORE scrutiny than folks who aren’t even supposed to be here?

Democrat hypocrisy abounds these days. Trenton’s ruling party wants to put Uber and Lyft drivers through the paces while ignoring a sexual harassment epidemic in their own backyard, a corrupt culture which in recent days has generated news headlines and a forthcoming legislative investigation

You may have also heard that the Democrat Party’s state organization is requiring photo id’s for its upcoming chairmanship election. Democrats routinely dismiss call by Republicans for a voter ID requirement as racist. This is different… how?

We all know what’s really going on here.

If you set aside tribalism and identity politics and look at the Democrat platform dispassionately, it’s… incoherent!

The Democrat Party in 2020 picks and chooses its moral outrages based upon which can fetch the most votes. It’s a cynical, increasingly-transparent web of contradictions that – I firmly believe – will eventually snare Democrats in a trap of their own creation.

Maybe New Jersey will be one of the first places it happens. There isn’t a place where the Democrat establishment deserves it more.