Stepien organizes New Jersey conservative 527 group

TRENTON, N.J. – Bill Stepien continues to make moves and reassert himself as New Jersey’s top Republican operative.

On Monday, the former Christie aide and White House political director announced that he filed paperwork for the brand new ‘Lead Right New Jersey PAC,’ an independent expenditure political action committee which will promote reining in taxes and spending in the Garden State among other pressing issues.

“Lead Right New Jersey is dedicated to protecting the integrity of New Jersey families in all corners of our State. Liberal politicians have put our communities in crisis. Because of their policies, our children cannot afford to start their lives here and our parents cannot afford to retire here. Sunday dinners, where families once gathered together, are being replaced by long distance FaceTime relationships because liberal policies are tearing families apart,” explains the group’s mission statement. “Lead Right New Jersey is dedicated to promoting conservative policies and supporting elected officials and candidates who will lower our taxes, reduce government spending, improve our business climate, and keep our families together. We demand honest answers to our State’s complex problems. Lead Right New Jersey is committed to finding those answers and promoting conservative leaders strong enough to enact them.”


The PAC’s Board of Directors consists of Stepien, newly-minted State Senator Michael Testa (R-1), former Assemblywoman Donna Simon (R-16), Warren County GOP Treasurer Lori Ciesla, and IBEW Local 102 Business Manager Pat Delle Cava. Interestingly, Testa and Ciesla are particularly close allies of NJGOP Chairman Dough Steinhardt who is expect to seek the 2021 gubernatorial nomination.

“Decades of liberal policies have put New Jersey at a crisis point and putting our state back on track is why I ran for the Senate in the first place,” said Testa. “Lead Right New Jersey will be part of the solution by supporting those who ascribe to core conservative principles: smaller government, less spending and lower taxes.”

“Year after year, we elect politicians from both parties who get nothing done because they are more concerned with getting re-elected than making a difference,” added Delle Cava, who also serves on ‘Workers for Trump’ National Advisory Board. “Lead Right New Jersey will give our leaders the tools they need to fix our state and give future generations a chance to thrive here.”

A former campaign manager for Chris Christie before joining the ex-governor’s administration, Stepien is currently heading up a pro-Tom Kean PAC in NJ-07 and serves as the general consultant for Democrat-turned-Republican Jeff Van Drew’s NJ-02 reelection campaign. Stepien has a national consulting portfolio, too, which he’s developed since leaving is White House post.

Stepien played a key role in orchestrating Van Drew’s recent party switch.