Van Drew, Trump and RNC form joint fundraising committee

Van Drew, Trump and RNC form joint fundraising committee

WILDWOOD, N.J. – President Trump’s warm embrace and an upcoming January 28th Wildwood rally aren’t the only ways that POTUS is rewarding Jeff Van Drew (R, NJ-02) for opposing impeachment and switching parties.

He’s also prepared to help Van Drew raise big bucks.

On Fridaty, Ashley Balcerzak of reported thtat the Trump campaign, the RNC and Van Drew’s reelect had formed a brand new joint fundraising committee:

“Joint fundraising committees can be created by two or more candidates, PACs or party committees to share the costs of fundraising, and split the proceeds,” according to “Participants in the JFC can’t take any more money from a donor than they could if the money was given directly, but this vehicle allows a donor to write one very large check. Before the 2014 McCutcheon v. FEC decision, the checks donors wrote to JFCs were subject to overall aggregate limits. Following the decision, those limits were removed, opening up the possibility of JFCs that involve many candidates or committees, which can then solicit one donor for a mega-contribution.”

The DCCC added NJ-02 to its official target list on Thursday, but Larry Sabato’s oft-cited Crystal Ball ratings now pegs NJ-02 as “lean Republican.”