VIDEO: Triumphant Phillipsburg GOP celebrates its total takeover at reorg

PHILLIPSBURG, N.J. – It’s reorganization day in New Jersey when many local governments gather to swear in new governmental body members and appoint municipal professionals. 

Republicans relished a big night in Phillipburg as the local GOP formally took control of municipal government with the swearing-in of Mayor Todd Tersigni and Councilmen Randy Piazza and Harry Wyant. A tumultuous run-up to Election 2019 featured plenty of drama including a party switch for Democrat Councilman Mark Lutz who has since left council.

It’s a particularly happy win for the party. 168th out of New Jersey’s 565 towns in terms of population, Phillipburg is also one of only three dozen municipalities that supported Donald Trump in 2016 but also Phil Murphy one year later in 2017.

Randy Piazza will serve as council president: