UPDATE: Bergen’s top official backs down from business-closing order, compares self to Bible’s Noah

By Matt Rooney

Bergen County’s Democrat Executive Jim Tedesco had cited his “moral authority” to shutter businesses and enact draconian COVID-19 emergency measures earlier this week.

On Thursday, Tedesco finally backed off of his order (previously delayed until Saturday after the intervention of Governor Murphy) but not before comparing himself to… Noah.

Yeah, THAT Noah.

“Howard Ruff once said, and I quote, it wasn’t raining when Noah built the ark. Some may have thought Noah was overreacting, but when the flood came he was prepared,” Tedesco told reporters.

Hey Bergen:

You need a new county executive. This guy is nuts. I mean, he’s not the only Democrat in recent memory to have a god complex, but Obama’s infamous pledge to lower sea levels somehow feels marginally less crazy than whatever is apparently going on inside Jim Tedesco’s head.


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