Monmouth County bows to Murphy’s park closures; Sussex freeholder pens protest letter

FREEHOLD, N.J. – In most cases? New Jersey residents concerned that Phil Murphy has gone a bit (or a lot) too far with his draconian COVID-19 emergency orders can’t look to local Republican officials for leadership.

On Tuesday, after the Democrat Governor ordered all state AND county parks to close to enforce strict social distancing, Republican Monmouth County Freeholder Director Tom Arnone issued a full-throated endorsement of the move.

“It is very unfortunate that the state and county parks had to be closed because of the lack of social distancing that has been taking place,” said Arnone. “We cannot stress enough that social distancing is the only tool we have to fight COVID-19. We need everyone to do their part to flatten the curve by staying at least six feet away from each other and staying home when feeling sick.”

Arnone also announced that county park and golf course entrances – including parking lots – would be barricared and patrolled. State parks are the responsibility of state park authorities and the New Jersy State Police.

Meanwhile, Sussex County’s Deputy Freeholder Director Dawn Fantasia penned a letter to the Governor (click here) warning that his order “will do more harm than good to the residents of Sussex County and the State of New Jersey by further concentrating the population into smaller areas.”

A handful of legislations – including Assemblyman Erick Peterson (R-23) – called for the legilature to intervene.

“First Murphy ordered that your family could not go to church or synagogue, then said you cannot celebrate Easter or Passover with your family, now he won’t let you go for a walk in the park,” said Peterson. “People should not be punished for walking in a park. Murphy was not elected dictator. There needs to be legislative oversight of these actions.”

Click here to sign Assemblyman Jay Webber’s petition to reopen New Jersey’s parks.