Ciattarelli: Phil Murphy’s “not New Jersey”

TRENTON, N.J. – Republican 2019 gubernatorial candidate Jack Ciattarelli highlighted many of Phil Murphy’s recent callous and autocratic-sounding comments in a Wednesday fundraising appeal.

“How about a multiple-choice question?” Ciattarelli asked supporters in his blast email. “Which of the following statements were made by Governor Phil Murphy.”

a) “The Bill of Rights? That’s above my pay grade.”
b) “If taxes are your issue, New Jersey is probably not your state.”
c) “Let’s make New Jersey the California of the East Coast.”
d) In response to protesters, “Your interventions to me did not matter one little
bit. So with all due respect to all the pressure that’s been out there, we
couldn’t frankly care.”
e) All of the above

“You guessed it, the answer is… e) All of the above! You know why? Because Phil Murphy doesn’t get it,” Ciattarelli added. “Maybe it’s because he’s not from New Jersey or doesn’t understand New Jersey. The bottom line is, he’s not New Jersey.”

The Democrat governor isn’t, in fact, from New Jersey. He’s a native of Massachussetts.

Ciattarelli missed Murphy’s latest and arguably most obnoxious statement from Tuesday’s daily COVID-19 press conference.

“We gotta do it right,” Murphy complained when pressed for a possible reopening timeline. “We’ve got to do it responsibly, we’ve got to do it safely, and we are committed to that […] frankly, whether you like that or not.”

Ciattarelli – who is a former state legislator from LD16 – is likely to face NJGOP Chairman Doug Steinhardt in next year’s nomination battle for the right to challenge Murphy.