MUST SEE: Black Ocean City, N.J. police sergeant tells protesters “our education system is failing us”

OCEAN CITY, N.J. – The day was off to an ominous start in one of New Jersey’s most popular beach resorts as business owners from Asbury Avenue to the O.C. Boardwalk boarded up their windows in anticipation of protesters’ arrival. Then they crossed the bridge – a couple hundred of them – and after a health walk were met downtown by a local police presence that included Sergeant Tyrone Rolls. 

Images of American police officers peacefully interacting with protesters are plentiful on social media. Sergeant Rolls took things to the next level on Tuesday by standing in the center of the crowd and extemporaneously discussing the need for historical fluency with the assembled protesters.

“…the problem is lack of education. Our education system is failing us,” Rolls began.