Misleading headlines are driving dangerous policy in N.J. | Spadea

By Bill Spadea
This post originally appeared at NJ 101.5

When you hear things like “Florida Has Less Than 25% of ICU Beds Available” it strikes fear in some and they are more willing to accept further erosion of their liberty. But as we’ve learned through the pandemic and the subsequent panic and shutdown, the news media is not exactly trustworthy.

Florida is the latest target of the media and New Jersey’s governor to justify the extended shutdown and shaming of those of us who know that COVID-19 is simply not as deadly as you are being told and wearing a mask simply has virtually no scientific basis and is largely done to ease anxiety. What is the justification of all of this? A so-called “spike” in cases. And reports of doom and gloom over hospital beds. But like most things when you look deeper, you realize that the press is playing you with their reporting.

Take Jacksonville, Florida where it’s reported that 70% of hospital beds area occupied, sounds scary right? It does, until you listen to what’s buried in the report, they are nearly always at 70% capacity and generally run at 80-85% in winter months.

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Bill Spadea
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