Murphy’s soccer team knelt during the Anthem in Utah. Will they quarantine upon returning to N.J.?

By Matt Rooney

Sky Blue FC – the New Jersey professional women’s soccer team owned by Phil Murphy – first made mainstream news when it came to light that Phil Murphy treated his players like indentured servants. More recently, he let his team resume practice activites before your kids were allowed to resume youth sports.

Here’s the latest. Buckle up…


The team is currently participating in a tournament in Utah (they knelt during the National Anthem in their first match which resulted in a 0-0 tie). Obnoxious? Sure, but sadly, disrespecting our country and its flag is becoming par for the course in professional sports.

Here’s an interesting question: will Sky Blue FC quarantine for two weeks when they return to New Jersey? As I’m sure you’ve heard, the tri-state area governors are imposing a “red state” quarantine purportedly designed to protect against COVID-19:

Will Sky Blue FC quarantine when they eventually return to New Jersey if/when they fail to make it through the preliminary round?

Keep an eye on this one, Save Jerseyans.

We all know that King Phil doesn’t think his own rules apply to him. I wouldn’t be surprised if this situation fails to be the exception to the rule.