New Jersey ties for 3rd largest percentage of gas tax dollars diverted from roads

TRENTON, N.J. – New Jersey’s 41.4 cents per gallon gas tax is supposed to improve the states road, highways and bridges, but the results of a new study suggest much of the money isn’t making its way to its intended purpose.

The latest Reason Foundation report found that the Garden State redirects 33.9% of its gas tax revenue – $360 million – to non-road related expenditures. Only New York (37.5%) and Rhode Island (37.1%) divert higher percentages of their gas tax revenue; New Jersey is tied with Michigan.

1 in every 3 dollars from the gas tax goes to fund mass transit.

The Garden State gas is presently America’s 10th highest thanks to the 2016 gas tax scheme hatched by Governor Christie and Steve Sweeney back in fall 2016.

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