It’s Spartacus vs. Trump on Day #3 of the ACB hearings

By Matt Rooney

The artist formerly known as “Spartacus” continued his ACB hearing antics on Day #3, Save Jerseyans, including white supremacy in his line of questioning.

“I’m glad to see that you said that,” Booker replied with a snide grin on his face after he asked Barrett if she condemned it (she said “yes” btw). “But we are at a time when Americans are fearful because their president can no do that in the resolute manner in which you did. I’m sorry that question had to even be asked.”

Did it need to be asked? Really?

Remember: Booker is already on record (along with the rest of his colleagues) saying he isn’t open to voting for Barrett. So what’s the point of asking? Would it change Booker’s vote if she had marched with MLK? Or the KKK? She should’ve answered by asking him!

President Trump has noticed.

He laid into Booker on Tuesday (see below) and again on Wednesday at an Iowa appearance (referringt to “stupid people like Cory Booker” and criticizing his record as Mayor of Newark):

The Newark residency allegation is an old one and has never really gone away.

President isn’t wrong about at least one thing: Booker’s Newark record is objectively that of a loser.