Just Don’t Tell Me It’s His Record

OPINION: Booker’s Newark “Record” of Accomplishment is Less Real Than His Imaginary Friend

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

cory_bookerIf you like Cory Booker on a personal level, Save Jerseyans, then more power to you. I can’t warm up to someone whom I know I can’t trust but hey, to each their own, right? 

And if you’re a committed ideological liberal who truly does believe (however unbelievably) that more government is a good thing for America’s economy, security and culture, then okay, fair enough, he’s undoubtedly your reliably liberal option on the October 16th ballot. Vote accordingly.

But please, please… for the sake of my sanity if not your own… don’t tell me that you’re voting for Cory Booker on the basis of his purported “record” of success in Newark. That myth is rooted in less reality than the tooth fairy or good ‘ole T-Bone. Take your pick.

Booker’s TV ads thus far in this cycle have primarily focused on three themes: (1) fluff, (2) jobs, and (3) crime.

Item #1 speaks for itself. Anyone persuaded to vote for Cory Booker on the basis of his inane Twitter quotes is lurking at the wrong blog. Concerning item #2, we’ve gone to great lengths to explain how Cory Booker’s Newark has net lost jobs since he assumed office. It’s an open and shut argument, folks.

That bring us to item #3. Crime. Cory Booker claims to have gotten guns off the streets and, consequently, positively affected the crime culture in one of New Jersey’s most dangerous urban centers. Is it true?


Yes, the murder rate dipped significantly immediately after he took office, but it’s been on the way back up ever since, Save Jerseyans. Just this Wednesday, Newark recorded its 9th murder over 9 consecutive days. And this murder spree isn’t an aberration; it’s part of a disturbing pattern. Check out NJ.com’s interactive statewide 2013 murder map:

NJ Murder Map

Can’t find Newark on the map? Understandable.

Hint: it’s drowned in a sea of blue pins.

I’m trying to be fair about this, Save Jerseyans. I truly am. No one can blame Cory Booker for Newark’s sorry state when he found it (literally, since he came of age elsewhere). We can, however, critically evaluate how Newark tangibly improved between his inauguration and the present day.

Booker fails that one, true, undeniably fair test. The media wants you to judge him on the basis of his alleged “potential” without any evidence to back it up. The truth: there really hasn’t been an tangible improvement in Newark over the past several years. Think about it! Even some of Newark’s more visible modern development began under Sharpe James. Unfortunately for Booker, simply staying out of jail doesn’t unto itself a hero make. It’s been all talk, travel and Twitter from Cory Booker leading up to the U.S. Senate campaign that’s taken the Brick City’s top official on the road at a time when he should really be at the helm 24/7. That’s the record upon which he deserves to be judged by Garden State voters.

Likable? Check. Liberal? You bet. 

A record of leadership and accomplishment? Ask T-Bone… if you can find him…

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