The N.J. Assembly once again voted against reining in Murphy’s COVID-19 powers. Here’s how your legislators voted.

TRENTON, N.J. – On Monday and for the second time since the pandemic began, New Jersey Democrats voted to table a bill to restrict Governor Murphy’s emergency orders to two weeks without legislative approval

Unlike the last time (back in June), today’s motion to table proceeded by roll call rather than voice vote which forced battleground district Dems – like LD2’s Vince Mazzeo and John Armato – to declare their fealty to Governor Murphy’s lockdown tactics. The vote was ultimately along party: lines 47-27.

Roll Call

Armato, John – Yes
Auth, Robert – No
Benson, Daniel R. – Yes
Bergen, Brian – No
Bramnick, Jon M. – No
Burzichelli, John J. – Yes
Calabrese, Clinton – Yes
Caputo, Ralph R. – Not Voting
Carter, Linda S. – Yes
Catalano, John – No
Chaparro, Annette – Yes
Chiaravalloti, Nicholas – Yes
Clifton, Robert D. – No
Conaway, Herb, Jr. – Yes
Coughlin, Craig J. – Yes
Dancer, Ronald S. – No
Danielsen, Joe – Not Voting
DeAngelo, Wayne P. – Yes
DeCroce, BettyLou – No
DePhillips, Christopher P. – Not Voting
DiMaio, John – No
DiMaso, Serena – No
Downey, Joann – Yes
Dunn, Aura K. – No
Egan, Joseph V. – Yes
Freiman, Roy – Yes
Giblin, Thomas P. – Yes
Gove, DiAnne C. – No
Greenwald, Louis D. – Yes
Holley, Jamel C. – Yes
Houghtaling, Eric – Yes
Jasey, Mila M. – Yes
Jimenez, Angelica M. – Yes
Johnson, Gordon M. – Yes
Karabinchak, Robert J. – Yes
Kean, Sean T. – No
Kennedy, James J. – Yes
Lampitt, Pamela R. – Yes
Lopez, Yvonne – Yes
Mazzeo, Vincent – Yes
McClellan, Antwan L. – No
McGuckin, Gregory P. – No
McKeon, John F. – Yes
McKnight, Angela V. – Not Voting
Mejia, Pedro – Yes
Moen, William F., Jr. – Yes
Moriarty, Paul D. – Yes
Mosquera, Gabriela M. – Yes
Mukherji, Raj – Yes
Munoz, Nancy F. – No
Murphy, Carol A. – Yes
Peters, Ryan E. – No
Peterson, Erik – No
Pinkin, Nancy J. – Yes
Pintor Marin, Eliana – Yes
Quijano, Annette – Not Voting
Reynolds-Jackson, Verlina – Yes
Rooney, Kevin J. – No
Rumpf, Brian E. – No
Schaer, Gary S. – Yes
Scharfenberger, Gerard – No
Schepisi, Holly T. – No
Simonsen, Erik K. – No
Space, Parker – No
Spearman, William W. – Yes
Speight, Shanique – Yes
Stanfield, Jean – No
Sumter, Shavonda E. – Yes
Swain, Lisa – Yes
Taliaferro, Adam J. – Yes
Thomson, Edward H. – No
Timberlake, Britnee N. – Not Voting
Tucker, Cleopatra G. – Yes
Tully, P. Christopher – Yes
Vainieri Huttle, Valerie – Yes
Verrelli, Anthony S. – Yes
Webber, Jay – No
Wimberly, Benjie E. – Yes
Wirths, Harold J. – No
Zwicker, Andrew – Yes

Meanwhile, Assembly Democrats advanced a separate measure to establish a commission which would biannually evalute the impact of the Governor’s orders on Garden State businesses.

Assemblywoman Holly Schepisi (R-39) took to the floor to blast the majority party for its chronic inaction while the state’s economy bleeds out.



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