Webber wants to know if Murphy is quarantining after Biden’s inauguration

TRENTON, N.J. – Governor Phil Murphy’s own rules require a 10 day quarantine following out-of-state travel. 

There’s no indication that Murphy intends to quarantine following his trip to D.C. for Joe Biden’s inauguration, and at least one Republicans thinks he should explain himself.

“We have watched over the past year as the governor has flouted the exact rules he forces everybody else to follow,” said Assemblyman Jay Webber (R-26). “Is Governor Murphy quarantining for the next seven days? Or, is he yet again thumbing his nose at the rest of New Jersey while he forces his rules on them? And if the governor does quarantine, unnecessarily restricting his own ability to oversee and manage the state’s affairs, was it really worth it while he needs to fix his stumbling vaccination rollout and protect lives and livelihoods that are literally at stake?”

It would hardly be the Democrat Governor’s first major moment of COVID-19 hypocrisy.

Murphy infamously violated his own gathering rules back in June to march with BLM protesters.


Matt Rooney
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