Activists launch new near-impossible bid to recall Phil Murphy

TRENTON, N.J. – A new notice of intention to recall Governor Phul Murphy was accepted by the state shortly before Christmas, Save Jerseyans. The recall organizers, who appear to be backed by the owners of Bellmawr’s famous Atilis Gym, have launched a website, too, complete with a video of the delivery of the notice of intention in Trenton.

They face a near-impossible task.

The legal bar is intentionally high. Impossibly high.

Petitioners ordinarily have just 320 days to collect 1,621,575 valid signatures (that’s 25% of the current number of registered voters in the state, at least as of the 2020 general election). Collecting over 5,000 signatures per day – plus penty of extra to survive an inevitable signature review and challenge – requires big money and a massive, professional organization.

A previous effort to recall Murphy was voided in March after the petitioners blew the 320 deadline.

320 days from December 15, 2020 (the date that the notice of intention was accepted) is a date that falls two days before Election Day 2021 when Phil Murphy faces reelection. 

Here’s the problem: according to the statute, “[t]he date for a recall election shall not be fixed, and no recall election shall be held, after the date occurring six months prior to the general election or regular election for the office, as appropriate, in the final year of an official’s term.”

See the problem?

Supporting the Republican nominee in November 2021 is the way to get rid of Phil Murphy. I’m not trying to throw cold water on anyone; just reporting the facts as per usual.