The NJMVC rolls out gender neutral licenses. It’s everything wrong with the Murphy era.

Are you one of the thousands of New Jersey motorists who’ve stood in line for hours (or days) to get a license, fix a bogus suspension, tackle a car title issue or some other random MVC issue?

Good news: if you can get an appointment (good luck), you can now ditch your gender and obtain a gender neutral license. How nice.

“Gender “X” will indicate a gender is unspecified, and it will be offered alongside the existing “M” (male) and “F” (female) gender options on licenses and IDs,” the MVC announced in a Monday release. “This is offered not only to New Jersey residents who identify as non-binary, but for anyone who prefers that their gender not be specified on their license or ID.”

Did you change your own gender like a Clownfish? No problem!

You can try to walk-in at a licensing center, make the change by “self-attestation” (so no proof necessary), fill out a form and pay $11.

“Diversity and inclusion are core values for New Jersey, and for all of us at the MVC. We know this new option will be deeply impactful for many residents, as access to resources and the ability to live and work freely so often hinges on having documentation that correctly reflects your identity,” said MVC Chief Administrator Sue Fulton.

Efficiency, productivity, and general competence are NOT core values for the Murphy Administration. The MVC has been in non-stop meltdown mode since reopening in July.

Seven locations statewide are currently closed due to “positive” covid tests including three which were abruptly closed late Monday; last-minute cancellations are becoming a regular obstacle for anyone trying to access MVC in-person services:

One issue raised at a Monday legislative hearing on the MVC’s continued failures: why are MVC employees quarantining for a full two weeks after exposure when no other agency or organization is following the outdated two week rule?

Another issue: we’re only five months from the October 1st REAL ID deadline and yet there aren’t any available appointments at the MVC. Without it, residents won’t be able to board an airplane with their regular N.J. driver’s license.

“I continue to hear from constituents who cannot find an available appointment,” said Assemblyman Jon Bramnick on Tuesday. “The federal government will start enforcing REAL ID in a few months and the MVC must ensure all residents who want a new ID are able to get one.”

The Murphy Administration NEVER comes through for the people it’s supposed to serve: state taxpayers.

But it can be consistently counted upon to prioritize the politically correct or woke thing (like gender neutral licenses) because Phil Murphy cares more about pleasing his far-Left base than doing his job well. The MVC is one of a myriad of examples; it just happens to be (along with unemployment) the one most likely to be directly experienced by the average New Jerseyan as this hellish COVID-19 era continues to drag on into its second year.

Matt Rooney
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