If N.J. was it country? It began July as the third deadliest spot for COVID-19 on the planet.

Phil Murphy is getting a free commercial from The Washington Post this Friday, Save Jerseyans, apparently (based on the post advertising for it) to highlight his “leadership” during COVID-19.

A bad joke? You bet! So it’s a good time to check New Jersey’s status relative to other places both foreign and domestic. We’re focusing on the most important measure of all: deaths per capita.

New Jersey remains #1 in the U.S. with 2,980 deaths for every one million residents since the pandemic began. That’s far out ahead of most other states including Florida and Texas. 

If the Garden State was a sovereign, independent nation, it’d be #3 in the entire world.

Only Peru (5,943) and Hungary (3,069) have reported more deaths per million.

Will Peru, Hungary, Texas or Florida come up during the Post’s interview? Somehow I doubt it, or if the latter two do, Murphy won’t be asked how these two giant, red, populous states with lots of old people and urban centers experienced less deaths despite avoiding draconian lockdowns.


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