Murphy keeps saying there is “a pandemic among the unvaccinated.” Is that true?

Murphy keeps saying there is “a pandemic among the unvaccinated.” Is that true?

Governor Phil Murphy continued to push his new line on Monday – that New Jersey is experiencing “a pandemic among the unvaccinated” – and no one in the legacy media appears to be questioning him. No surprises there.

Is it true? Are individuals who haven’t received the vaccine keeps COVID-19 alive?

Also on Monday, across the Pond in the United Kingdom, government officials announced that 60% of folks currently being admitted to the hospital over there have received TWO vaccine doses. That’s according to Sky News and, if true, it’s a very interesting stat.

Back here in New Jersey, our friend Woke Zombie delved into the latest hospitalization data and determined – again, you won’t be surprised – that Trenton’s math isn’t adding up…

Here’s her latest:

Manipulated case and hospital data is nothing new; we’ve watched these games unfold for 1 1/2 years now. Do you see the problem with that last Murphy tweet highlighted by the Zombie? Vaccinated vs. vaccinated but positive tells us next to nothing useful about what’s going on out there.

I’m not suggesting the vaccine doesn’t help! It probably does, particularly if you’re in a high risk category. Don’t #cancel me, bro!

But is COVID-19’s raw dangerousness at this stage most heavily influenced by vaccine status? Or factors like age and general health (e.g. 70 and fat? Or 45 and super fit?)?

An honest administration wouldn’t conflate two different and important questions.