The real reason why Biden’s approval rating is dropping like a rock

The real reason why Biden’s approval rating is dropping like a rock

Joe Biden’s approval rating is officially in the basement, Save Jerseyans. The RCP average as of Friday morning has our 46th president’s job approval down to 45.3% while nearly 50% (49.8%) disapprove.

Democrats believe – and hope – that it’s a temporary thing. And sure, it might be. The news cycle seems to accelerate with each passing year, the attention span of the average American voter contracts, and something not only could – but more than likely will – transpire between now and Election Day 2022 to once again shake up the political environment.

With all of that being said, I’m here to tell you that the Left dismisses Biden’s polling collapse as ephemeral at its own peril. I hope they do! Because I want them to lose; America’s future depends on it.

Here’s what I think is going on. Take it for what you will:

Biden won a narrow electoral victory in 2020 running on (1) I will crush the virus and (2) I will make America respected in the world again.

Biden failed on both counts in his first eight months in office.

Afghanistan speaks for itself. Our allies are pissed, the U.K. Parliament formally rebuked Biden (something that never happened to Trump), China is emboldened, terrorists have a home base again, and America is dealing with its biggest international PR crisis since Vietnam. It’s arguably worse because, unlike during the Cold War, persuadable lesser powers have more options than the binary choice between the U.S. and Soviet Russia. 

COVID-19 hospitalizations also aren’t what they were in January, but when you run on a quixotic “zero covid” platform, you should expect that people will be disappointed when covid is nowhere close to disappearing.

In short, Biden is blowing it on his two core campaign promises.

But there’s another level to all of this, and it might be the most important dimension of the Biden polling slide. The Media worked very hard to hide Joe Biden’s clear cognitive decline throughout the 2020 cycle, folks. They were 100% invested in beating the Orange Man, so they were therefore willing and able to morally justify their actions (to themselves) as some warped species of patriotic duty to the nation. Milley and plenty of deep staters felt similarly.

Journalistic malpractice (let’s call it what it was) protected Biden and helped him limp across the finish line. Ultimately, however, it might have also helped sew the seeds of his political undoing. He’s in the White House now and much, much harder for ideologically-allied reporters to hide. He still comments and opens himself up to the Media far more sparingly than his predecessor, but there no way around the President of the United States fielding questions and addressing the nation in moments of crisis.

So guess what? For the first time, thousands of Americans are seeing Joe Biden talk on a regularized basis. Not in controlled circumstances,mind you, but flapping alone in the wind. And they’re surprised to find that he sounds old, tired, irritable, a bit nasty and less-than-sharp. Every presser sounds like the end of a ‘Silver Alert’ human interest story where the missing nursing home patient is reunited with his family. It must be a disturbing realization! But it’s no less disturbing for those of us who knew something wasn’t right with Biden and attempted in vain to warn our fellow Americans. We rely on our presidents to instill confidence in us when times are difficult. We can’t lean on Joe Biden; he’s leaning on other people just to get through his week.

Sure, outside events may rescue the Biden presidency. Never underestimate the power of the media-cultural complex to manipulate public opinion. But the one thing that may be the biggest drag on Uncle Joe right now – age, and its savage impact on his mind – is guaranteed to continue working against him. Soros/Hollywood/the Lincoln project/ABC/NBC/CBS/MSNBC/CNN/NYT can’t make him any younger! Well, I guess Hollywood could try, but the attempt might not be in their budget with ticket sales in the toilet.