Don’t fall for Murphy’s big lie: you’re not getting a good value for your N.J. taxes!

Don’t fall for Murphy’s big lie: you’re not getting a good value for your N.J. taxes!

No one disputes the fact that New Jersey’s taxes are sky-high in 2021, Save Jerseyans. It’s undeniable. 

Governor Murphy and his fellow Democrats instead continue to argue that the worst-in-America tax load is justifiable BECAUSE you’re paying for a premium living experience. Said another way, you’re getting a great bang for your buck. Don’t like it? Hit the road, a bit of advice that’s a throwback to Jon Corzine telling New Jerseyans desirous of a low unemployment economy to relocate to North Dakota

“And I would say this: If you’re a one-issue voter and tax rate is your issue, we’re probably not your state,” Murphy declared in October 2019, a remark which was featured in GOP gubernatorial nominee Jack Ciattarelli’s first general election ad.

The scariest part? I think he actually believes it sitting out there at his multi-million dollar Monmouth County mansion removed from the reality which the rest of us populate.

In fact, Murphy once again declined to walk back his comments this week on CNBC:

“We want to be – and that was taken out of context – we want to be, Joe, and you know the state well, the “good value for money” state. In other words, you pay something to live here but you get back, I think, overall, the number one state in America to raise a family, the number one public educations system in America…”

And he goes on from there, folks, listing a few more things which supposedly make your tax pain worth the sacrifice.

Part of the reason the Democrats continue to get away with this insultingly crazy argument every Election Day is that many Garden State voters have given up and an equally robust percentage actually believe the company line. They’re willing to pay a premium for “their values” and these supposedly great services. But is that what’s really happening?

Keep in mind: each New Jerseyan will pay an average of $931,698 in taxes over their lifetime, the most of any citizens in the country (the national average is $500,000). 

Murphy’s lie is a big lie, folks. The lie to end all lies in New Jersey politics, and one which Republicans need to do a far better job of tackling and deconstructing if they want to start winning big races again.

We’re not getting a value. We’re getting screwed. All of us. Royally.