Bergen delivers long overdue indictment of Trenton’s stupid “small stuff” bills

I’ve been waiting for someone to say this for 15 (!) years of this website’s existence, Save Jerseyans.

During Thursday’s Assembly voting session, the chamber considered a resolution sponsored by Assemblywoman Ellen Park (a Democrat) to establish “National Kimchi Day.” For those who don’t know? Kimchi is a traditional Korean American dish. I’m sure it’s delicious!

But is honoring kimchi with a day of its own truly important? Some will argue that it’s harmless at the very least, but I need to point out the obvious: Trenton hasn’t demonstrated an ability to ‘walk and chew bubble gum’ at the same time. Our pension system remains a mess, our tax climate remains the worst in the country, and systemic problems with our state’s regulatory and administrative culture (visit an MVC or unemployment office if you don’t believe me?) remain not only unresolved but largely unaddressed by our legislature. The Democrat legislature has killed – multiple times, mind you – attempts to investigate the Murphy Administration’s deadly nursing home failures during the pandemic.

Yet we continue to see bill after bill renaming roads, outlawing texting while walking, designating cranberry as the state juice (?), and now honoring ethnic culinary staples all while the people of New Jersey continue to suffer. Both sides are guilty of it for sure, but Democrats are in charge and continue to sideline the people’s priorities in favore of feel-good pet project legislation.

To the surprise and annoyance of many in Trenton, Assemblyman Brian Bergen (R-25) made a lonely but critical stand on Thursday to say what (most) of us are thinking… this is f–king madness.

“…[i]t is a complete and collossal waste of this body’s time,” Bergen argued from the floor, adding “we have much more important stuff we can do. And by the way, for those of you who don’t know, it’s not free. We pay people to write these resolutions.”

Too few under the Dome see it the same way OR are willing to make a stand. The resolution ultimately passed 72-2. Disappointing? Sure, but at least we finally have someone who is willing to point out – even if it makes everyone uncomfortable – that Trenton’s priorities need to change. These assholes DESERVE to be less comfortable, Save Jerseyans. Assemblyman Bergen has our thanks.

This is a legislative cycle. The legislature is on the ballot in November 2023. If the GOP was smart? They’d follow Brian’s lead and pledge the following:

If a piece of legislation doesn’t make the people of N.J. freer or more prosperous? It ain’t worth consideration, and the entire caucus will vote against it.


Matt Rooney
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