Murphy won’t appeal federal judge’s anti-CCW law injunctions

It turns out the Murphy Administration will NOT appeal two injunctive orders issued by a federal judge which severely limit the governor’s anti-concealed carry law currently being challenge in the court system. The Attorney General’s Office indicated its decision to Judge Renee Bumb in a Wednesday letter to the court.

Judge Bumb’s rulings collectively blew apart the Democrat law’s place-based restrictions on concealed carry in the Garden State, a clearly unconstitutional attempt to subvert last summer’s landmark Bruen ruling authored by Clarence Thomas.

“Governor Murphy and Trenton Democrats have not hidden the fact that they dislike the 2nd Amendment and are trying to circumvent a U.S. Supreme Court ruling that reaffirmed the constitutional rights of New Jerseyans to protect themselves,” state Senator Ed Durr (R-3) said following the second injuctive order’s release. “Thankfully, several groups have challenged the Democrats’ unconstitutional new law and a judge has blocked enforcement of most of the law in a pair of rulings. It’s clear the law will ultimately be struck down.”

Matt Rooney
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