7 in 10 N.J. Republicans won’t consider Christie in the 2024 GOP Primary

The lanes are likely closed for Chris Christie, Save Jerseyans. Permanently?

It sure looks that way. A new FDU poll dropped Wednesday discovered that only 21% are open to voting for Chris Christie in 2024. The result changed measurably (but not significantly) when respondents were asked about former President Trump’s legal troubles at which point the percentage willing to listen to the ex-governor rose to 29%.

Christie, a current ABC News contributor, is believed to be on the brink of annoucing a second run for the GOP nomination after getting drubbed out of the 2016 race following a weak performance in that cycle’s New Hampshire primary. Christie was back in the Granite State in recent days and, according to sources, recently convened a gathering of ex-staffers and loyalists in an effort to solicit their help for a new effort. His early pitch has thus far involved listing Trump’s alleged failures and an argument that his former political ally’s legal problems would only serve to help reelect Joe Biden.

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The sample included 817 adults surveyed between April 28th and May 6th.

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