Federal judge blocks N.J. liability insurance mandate for gun owners

Federal Judge Marie Baum has issued yet another injunction in the pending challenge to New Jersey’s latest sweeping gun control law.

Thia time, the 3rd Circuit jurist blocked a hugely controversial liability insurance mandate for gun owners which was poised to take effect this July.

“Gun owners did not prevail on every one of the many issues in the case, but it is clear that gun owners have succeeded in blocking the most significant aspects of the law for the duration of the case,” explained ANJRPC in a statement; ANJRPC in a Garden State affiliate of the NRA.

You can view the 230+ page ruling here.

“While Bruen does not demand a historical firearm regulation to be a ‘dead ringer’ or
‘twin’ for a modern firearm regulation to pass constitutional muster, the modern law must
still be ‘relevantly similar’ to the historical law and impose a comparable burden on the right to armed self-defense,” wrote Judge Baum. “Comparing the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of the
Insurance Mandate to the ‘how’ and ‘why’ behind the surety laws and tort principles the
State rely on, this Court finds the Insurance Mandate is too dissimilar and imposes a greater
burden on the right to self-defense than the historical laws the State has presented.”

“Accordingly, this Court finds the Siegel Plaintiffs have shown they are likely to prevail
on their Second Amendment challenge to the Insurance Mandate,” Baum added.

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