LD4: DelBorrello camp accuses Norcross Machine of boosting GOP rival

Are South Jersey Democrats attempting to select their November opponent in LD4?

That’s the accusation leveled by the LD4 GOP legislative ticket of DelBorrello, Walker & Esposito.

New Jersey ELEC documents and a mailer supplied to the media on Wednesday by DelBorrello consultant Chris Russell indicated that a Super PAC named “American Representative Majority” appears to be spending money attacking LD4 Senate hopeful and former Washington Township Councilman Chris DelBorello.

According to Russell, the PAC’s Trenton PO Box is identifical to the one utilized by the “American Democratic Majority” linked to George Norcross and the South Jersey Democrat Machine. 

In a statement, the DeBorrello campaign insisted that the mailer was proof that his primary opponent – Gloucester Commissioner Nick DeSilvio – is the beneficiary of support from “South Jersey Democrats, George Norcross, and Steve Sweeney” who, in turn, are “meddling in our Republican Primary.”

There’s no evidence of coordination between DeSilivio and the Democrats, but the mailer itself is representative of a familiar Democrat tactic; for example, just last cycle, Democrat incumbent Josh Gottheimer spent money during the NJ-05 GOP Primary on mailers to associate one of the Republican candidates (Frank Pallotta) with Donald Trump, something which could’ve only helped the eventual Republican nominee in a GOP primary contest. The under-funded Pallotta ultimately prevailed in June 2022 over an opponent with a considerably larger warchest but lost by a decisive margin in the November general election.


In case you missed it, check out the NJ GLOBE/Save Jersey LD4 GOP Senate Debate between Nick DeSilivio and Chris DelBorrello by clicking right here.

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