Murphy Administration files challenge to federal judge’s gun control injunctions

A federal judge has issued multiple injunctions which, cumulatively, have taken the teeth of the New Jersey Democrats’ anti-concealed carry legislation pending the resolution of the case-in-chief. The stayed provisions of the Phil Murphy-backed legislation include a liability insurance mandate and broad restrictions concerning where a citizen is permitted to carry a legal concealed firearm.

The Murphy Administration isn’t happy with how things are going, so they filed a motion this week to roll back previously-ordered injunctive relief.

“A stay is urgently needed,” Murphy’s attorney general complained in his filing with the Third Circuit of the U.S. Court of Appeals. “The preliminary injunction prevents the State from enforcing its democratically-enacted laws. It bars the State from protecting residents and law enforcement from gun violence in sensitive places. It empowers individuals to carry firearms onto their neighbors’ porches and into local businesses without seeking the owners’ consent. And it risks significant confusion on the ground.”

Click here to read the motion.

Matt Rooney
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