Democrat Senator questions wisdom of Murphy Administration’s parental notification lawsuits

Joe Cryan

The Murphy Administration’s war on parental rights is deeply unpopular, Save Jerseyans.

The polls prove it.

The Democrat legislative leadership’s recent hedge proves it.

Now Democrats in blue territory are scratching their heads in very public spaces. Notably, veteran Democrat politician Joe Cryan – who represents LD20 in the State Senate, a Union County district – is tweeting his concerns with the Murphy Administration’s lawsuits against Garden State school districts over their parental notification policies when a child attempts to “change genders” at school.

“Why involve the courts?” Cryan asked presumably rhetorically on Thursday afternoon, noting that the policy is apparently guidance-only (and therefore not natural grounds for enforcement actions); the “guidance” revelation reportedly came in a recent North Jersey court hearing when a deputy attorney general admitted as much to the presiding Superior Court judge.

What I’m looking for now: calls for Platkin’s removal in the event that (1) it becomes clear that his DAG’s mislead the courts into believing this “guidance” was something more binding on districts, and/or (2) Platkin’s campaign ends up being an electoral disaster for Democrats in battleground districts come November.

Republicans deserve to lose if they can’t capitalize on this…

Matt Rooney
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