REPORT: More N.J. school districts revolting against Murphy Administration parental notification restrictions

Ongoing litigation against three Monmouth school districts isn’t deterring many New Jerseyans from resisting the Murphy Administration’s gross parental notification restrictions.

Here’s the latest from the NY Post

“Hanover Township, which includes the towns of Cedar Knolls and Whippany, voted unanimously Monday night to simply do away with a state policy that prevents schools from telling parents about their child transitioning.

As many as 20 districts are expected to follow suit, The Post has been told.”

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Last month, Monmouth County Superior Court Judge David F. Bauman issued an injunction barring officials at three school districts – Middletown, Manalapan and Marlboro – from notifying parents when a “transgender” child wants to change his or her name, pronouns, or preferred bathroom at school. The districts had previously decided upon a course of looping parents into those developments in a child’s life.

The alleged catalyst for renewed interest in bucking the Administration: during a hearing on September 6th, Deputy Attorney General James Michael reportedly admitted that the Murphy Adminstration’s prohibition on notifying parents was actually mere “guidance” as opposed to a “mandatory” policy binding on the districts.

The Murphy Administration has threatened penalties including revoked state aid and even a possible state takeover of non-compliant school districts.

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