NJEA rolls out ads to cover for Murphy’s legal assault on parental rights

We’re all familiar with the ancient warning about “knowing the room” before opening one’s mouth.

The New Jersey (Mis)education Associates (NJEA) thinks they own the room and can therefore afford (figuratively and literally, with the teachers’ union’s mega-deep pockets) to be tone deaf in pursuit of its far-Left agenda. Election 2023 may be a test case.

I’m a fan of Hulu’s Only Murders in the Building. It’s a fun show and I highly recommend it. But as I’ve begun digesting Season 3 of the “true crime” dark comedy starring Steve Martin, Martin Short, and Selena Gomez, I’ve been bombarded by non-stop NJEA ads – and yes, before you ask, I’m too cheap to pay for the ads free subscription. Mea culpa.

The ads (see below) feature teachers and librarians gleefully celebrating the beginning of the fall 2023 semester.

“Our adventures will continue, the books have missed you, we’re ready for take-off,” says Karen Grant, a school librarian.

The worst one?

A “bullies” ad (see below) in which the teachers insist that they’re there to protect school kids from bullies “alongside the parent.”

Of course that’s complete bullshit. The Murphy Administration is actively suing three Monmouth County school districts for attempting to inform parents if their child tries to change his or her gender identity. That’s the exact opposite of working “hand-in-hand” as the NJEA ad claims in its silly advertising campaign. Meanwhile, the 11th Legislative District which sits in Monmouth County alone lost over $71 million in the latest allocation.

False advertising and, yes, tone deaf advertising, too.

The same NJEA that has donated millions to Phil Murphy’s dark money operation is now providing air cover for his assault on parental rights heading into the Democrat governor’s second and final midterm. Parents on the ground are having a different experience than what these ads attempt to project, and if Republican campaigns do their jobs over the next several weeks, then they might not get away with it.

The NJEA is turning our taxpayer-funded schools into introdrination mills. “Education” in the traditional sense of the term is a secondary aim at best.

New Jersey parents have every reason to not trust their kids’ schools at present. The NJEA can blame themselves (and their governor) for that. An ad blitz on Hulu won’t help.

Matt Rooney
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