VIDEO: Assemblyman Barranco tells N.J. School Board raising kids doesn’t “take a village,” only parents

Scores of protesters congregated outside of Wednesday’s New Jersey School Board meeting in Trenton, Save Jerseyans, waiving signs and trading barbs over the Board’s 6-5 August vote to nix gendered nouns and pronouns from part of the state administrative code (among other wacky changes).

Also at issue: an active Murphy Administration lawsuit against three Monmouth County school districts which dared to adopt a policy requiring parents and guardians to be informed if their child attempts to change pronouns, their name, or their bathroom/locker room based upon gender “preference.”

Inside the meeting, Assemblyman Christian Barranco (R-26) stood up and delivered a passionate defense of parental rights.

“The raising and educating of our children does not take a village; it takes parents. It has always taken parents, and it always will take parents,” Barranco told the Board in a clear reference to Hillary Clinton’s infamous “it takes a village” theory.

Barranco is running in LD25 this year, by the way; he was redistricting into the neighboring Morris County outpost, while Brian Bergen (R-25) is now the nominee to succeed Barranco in LD26.

Watch below:

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