You can watch Lauren Boebert get groped, but think about everything you STILL don’t know…

I’ve got a fairly simple question for you on this glorious September Saturday, Save Jerseyans:

How is it possible for us to see every salacious detail of Lauren Boebert vaping and getting felt up inside a dark theater at a Denver performance of Beetlejuice

…but we still don’t know who planted cocaine in the White House?

We still don’t know who leaked the Dobbs decision.

We still don’t know the identity of the January 6th pipe bomber.

If you live in New Jersey, they still won’t tell us how our late Lt. Governor Sheila Oliver died!

The list of outstanding mysteries of public import is, of course, a helluva lot longer than the above examples. Time after time, criminal things happen in or around the highest levels of government and – like magic – there isn’t a witness or a video (in the most camera-covered spot of the globe) to relay what went down. But if a Republican member of Congress is acting like a jackass, and yes, I’m not about to defend her behavior here, then you can count on HD quality-level footage for the world to see and said member of Congress to lament.

I’ve never been a conspiracy theorist, but as I grow bit older, a tad wiser, and perhaps a little less tolerant of bullshit, I’m also far less inclined to believe in coincidences when my senses and instincts tell me otherwise.

I invite anyone reading this to prove me wrong!

Matt Rooney
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