VIDEO: Is this N.J. nonprofit slipping radical gender material into your child’s classroom?

Project Veritas was once again busy in New Jersey… and it’s a problem that THIS website has been warning you about for awhile now, Save Jerseyans.

“During conversations with an undercover Project Veritas journalist, employees of HiTOPS, a youth-focused LGBTQ+ and sexual education nonprofit, revealed covert tactics to introduce sexually-oriented curriculum into schools through backdoor channels without parental consent,” the undercover watchdog organization reported this week.

The schools implicated by the Veritas conversation with HiTOPS Health Educator Hannah Wiers are Mercer County-based, including Christina Seix Academy (Ewing), JP Elementary (Princeton), Princeton Middle School, and Trenton Ninth Grade Academy (Trenton).

How it happens: according to Wiers, HiTOPS inserts radical LGBTQ material into the “Pathways to Racial Literacy” course which isn’t supposed to have anything to do with sex or gender identity.

“In the conversation, Wiers also discussed the nonprofit’s evolution and admits that while HiTOPS brands itself as a traditional sexual education organization, they’ve recently transitioned to do more ‘affirming work’ related to gender identity and gender expression,” Veritas explains.

I warned this would happen back in July 2022: the “opt-out” provision relating to Governor Murphy’s radical sex ed curriculum (of which this garbage is a clear outgrowth) doesn’t protect kids against these concepts being embedded into classes which, on their surfact, shouldn’t be expected to involve lessons on pronouns and “gender affirmation.”

This latest Veritas story comes amid Murphy Administration-instigated litigation against school districts which want to inform parents and guardians if a minor child is trying to change his or her gender “preference” at school.

Watch below:

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