Spadea rolls out 10-point immigration enforcement plan

Having returned from a trip to the U.S.-Mexican Border, NJ 101.5 host Bill Spadea revealed his 10-point plan “to combat illegal immigration and the consequential impacts it has in New Jersey” on Monday. 

New Jersey became a “sanctuary state” under Phil Murphy, but the politics of immigration has dramatically changed over the course of the past few years.

“The crisis at our Southern Border has turned every state into a border state,” said Spadea in a statement. “While President Trump built the strongest border in the history of our nation, Joe Biden has systematically dismantled all semblance of a border and Phil Murphy has been his partner in crime here in New Jersey. Worse, the self-proclaimed leaders of New Jersey’s Republican Establishment are as bad as the Democrats, fighting for illegals’ to avoid deportation and passing out taxpayer-funded hand-outs and driver’s licenses to them while they’re here. Our 10-point plan is strong, tough and will save New Jersey from the dangerous Biden-Murphy policies.”

Spadea is widely-expected to announce a 2025 run for governor later this year.

Here’s the 10-point plan:

Tougher Enforcement

1.) Enforce all ICE detainers.

2.) Renew all Federal contracts for housing illegal detainees in County Jails.

3.) End Bail Reform by declaring a public safety Emergency.

Protect Taxpayers

4.) Immediately cut all “handouts” for illegal immigrants.

5.) Require a question on intake forms at hospitals to identify illegals and the cost associated with providing their healthcare.

6.) Suspend state-aid to Sanctuary cities.

Reclaim Our State

7.) Lock down New Jersey’s “border” from Biden’s ghost flight transports.

8.) Immediately end New Jersey’s status as a “sanctuary state” that Murphy enacted in 2018.

9.) Ban local governments from issuing government ID to illegal immigrants.

10.) Suspend recognition of out-of-state driver’s licenses issued to illegals.

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