A Border Wall is Cheaper Than Driving in N.J.

A study frequently cited last year by New Jersey gas tax hike proponents is instructive as we debate one of President Trump’s defining policy pushes, Save Jerseyans.  The June 2016 national transportation research group (the “TRIP”) report concluded that it costs New Jersey motorists a total of $13.1 billion statewide annually, or more than $2,600 per driver and […]

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GOP governor candidate: ISIS will ‘unleash hell’ if N.J. backs off Trump travel ban

TRENTON — A Republican candidate for governor warned Monday that ISIS would “unleash hell” if New Jersey enacts a bill blocking Port Authority police from enforcing President Donald Trump’s new travel ban on Muslim-majority nations. Steve Rogers, a 38-year veteran of the Nutley police department, said he opposed the bill — sponsored by Assemblyman John […]

Experts Differ on Whether Trump’s New Travel Ban Makes America Safer

President Donald Trump sought to settle legal and political concerns Monday with his revised executive order pausing travel from six countries plagued by terrorism—and temporarily keeping out all refugees. While the order contains notable revisions—including removing restrictions on Iraq, a crucial counterterrorism partner, and applying restrictions only to prospective new travelers—its intent remains the same. […]

Paul Ryan Goes To The Border, Only Thing Anyone Cares About Is Him Riding A Horse

House Speaker Paul Ryan was spotted riding a horse by U.S.-Mexico border during his trip to the Lone Star state Wednesday. The trip marks the Wisconsin Republican’s first visit to the border, where he was joined by Department of Homeland Security officials, House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Michael McCaul and Texas Rep. John Carter, Politico […]

Civil Rights Leader: Illegal Immigrants Hurt The Black Community

Illegal immigration could harm members of the black community and their ability to get jobs, according to a black leader. Peter Kirsanow, a member of the U.S. Civil Rights Commission, believes that illegal immigration and its effect on the black community, specifically men, don’t receive enough attention, reports the Daily Signal. “Black males are more […]

Menendez Stereotypes Immigrants as Cafeteria Workers?

You can click here for a little background on what’s going here, Save Jerseyans, but it won’t make watching this Bob Menendez video any less bizarre…. Just try to imagine if a Republican had said this: A #DayWithoutImmigrants means Senators & Senate staff couldn't get their coffee because immigrants are part of our everyday lives […]

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Meet the Syrian-Born N.J. Mayor Who’s 100% Against Sanctuary Cities

Syrian-born Prospect Park Mayor Mohamed Khairullah and his fellow New Jersey Democrat mayors have gotten all the media attention as of late for their sanctuary city declarations, Save Jerseyans, and that’s a damn shame. There’s another side to the story. A very different perspective that’s not getting the attention it deserves because, frankly, it doesn’t fit the media’s […]

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Ciattarelli blasts ‘mind-boggling’ N.J. sanctuary city aid legislation

Republican gubernatorial candidate Jack Ciattarelli joined fellow Republicans on Tuesday pushing back against the Trenton Democrats’ efforts to provide state funding for hypothetical federal aid cuts by the Trump Administration directed at sanctuary cities. “The whole concept of an elected official in the United States of America declaring their local jurisdiction a Sanctuary City is a […]

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OP-ED: Trenton Endeavors to Help ‘Sanctuary Cities’ with Non-Existent Money

Over the past several days several of my colleagues in the State Legislature have indicated they would try to move forward legislation protecting “Sanctuary Cities” who lose federal funding by mandating the State of NJ pay these cities any monies lost by their refusal to comply with federal law. While I understand the motive behind […]

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Examining President Trump’s Use Of Executive Orders Compared To Previous Presidents

President Donald Trump has issued 12 executive orders in his first three weeks as president, immediately fulfilling a series of campaign promises made throughout the year and a half presidential campaign. Former President Barack Obama had issued 14 executive orders by the end of his third week, two more than Trump. President George W. Bush […]

Trenton Can’t Pay for Roads But It’s Ready to Fund Sanctuary Cities

New Jersey’s legislators are moving to fund the state’s sanctuary cities today, Save Jerseyans, mere months after these same legislators told the people of New Jersey that we didn’t have enough money to maintain roads and bridges. No one under the dome seems to appreciate the irony. At least not in the majority party. “The […]

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What you need to know about the deportation of illegal immigrants

WASHINGTON, February 12, 2017 – The facts about illegal immigration tell a different story than is reported in the mainstream media; clarification is warranted. One of President Trump’s first executive orders included two multi-pronged orders on border security and immigration enforcement, “including the authorization of a U.S.-Mexico border wall; the stripping of federal grant money […]

Trump Executive Orders Fall Victim to Legislating from the Bench

Thursday night, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals decided to continue blocking President Donald Trump’s recent executive orders on immigration. This is a deliberate attempt to shift control over immigration from the executive and legislative branches to the judicial branch in order to grant foreigners a constitutionally protected “right” to enter the U.S. The Ninth […]